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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

VNPC will not detect FSX as running
Make sure you have the latest version of FSUIPC installed (XUIPC if on X-Plane).
You do not need the paid version of FSUIPC. Press "Cancel" during installation when prompted for a registration if you do not have one.
Also make sure that if you run FSX as administrator, run VNPC as administrator too - and vice versa.

VNPC won't start after I updated it
If you are having issues running VNPC after an update, please follow the steps below:
- Uninstall Virtual Norwegian Pilot Client.
- Delete the complete Virtual Norwegian folders in:
?- Your documents (C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Documents\),
?- AppData Roaming folder (C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Roaming)
?- AppData Local folder (C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\)
- Download the latest version from
- Reinstall the client again using the latest file.

I use a Mac or Linux computer - what should I do?
For Mac and Linux users, we provide access to use XAcars. This is only meant as a substitute program for Mac and Linux users. In order to get access to use XAcars, you must request it. Please use this link to request access.
Please note that even if you are granted access to use XAcars, VNPC is required to be used if you for any reason are flying using a Windows computer.

What aircraft am I allowed to fly?
All the aircraft we allow within Virtual Norwegian are listed in our rules and regulations on page 7 (Section 5.3), and page 9 (Section 6.1 to 6.3). Please read the fleet rules carefully.
Please note: Boeing 787-9 is not listed yet, but the same rules as the 787-8 applies.

PMDG 737NGX paints
The PMDG 737NGX paints offered by Virtual Norwegian, is not created nor hosted by Virtual Norwegian, and we can therefore not guarantee they are available at all times. Any questions regarding these paints, should be forwarded to Christian Mohr through our forum in the designated thread.

Missing middle part of your PMDG 737NGX livery?
Read the read me-file provided by Christian Mohr in his download folder.

Airbus A320NEO
The Airbus A320NEO will be added once Norwegian receives their first A320NEO.
Any other aircraft that has been ordered, will also be added when they receive their aircraft.

Boeing 777 as a 787 substitute
Norwegian does not have the Boeing 777 in their fleet, therefore it is not a part of our virtual fleet either.
We do not allow any substitute aircraft for our schedules, except when they have been used real life. Please refer to our rules and regulations, found in our download library.

Cabin announcements
Cabin announcements to be used with VNPC can be found in the forums.

How do I register in the forum?
You don't have to!
When you joined vNAS, your forum account was automatically created. You can log in using either your display name (NAX1234 - Firstname Lastname) or your email address. If you have any special characters in your name, you should use your email address in order to log in.
Use the same password as you used upon registration with vNAS. Please note that the forum password and password on the main website are not connected, so if you change your password in one location, the other will not be updated.

Manual PIREP
It is only possible to file manual PIREPs by uploading the auto generated .pirep file created by VNPC.
If you for any reason forgot to start VNPC, it is not possible to file your PIREP.

I won't be able to make a flight for at least 30 days - what do I do?
You can set your account on leave by activating your leave of absence.

Something in the schedules is wrong - what do I do?
You can report errors in our forums: schedule errors. Make sure you read the first post before posting.

I found a flight with an error/outdated route or callsign
You can report errors in our forums: ATS-route or callsigns errors. Make sure you read the first post before posting.

Do I have to fly from my current position and on schedule time?
Negative - you can fly wherever you want whenever you want. If you can find a flight in our schedules, you can fly it (except NLH-flights where you need 10 hours and a theory exam first).

Do I have to fly on VATSIM, IVAO or any other network?
Negative! We want to include as many people as possible to this great hobby, and therefore we let you decide where you want to fly. We do however encourage you all to at least try to out any of the online networks.

I want to operate VNAS Long Haul flights (NLH) - what do I need to do?
You need 10 hours of flying time in VNAS. Once you've reached this, you need a theory exam which can be taken here.
If you have lost your NLH certificate as a result of your account being terminated, please use this link and your account should be automatically updated with your NLH certificate.

My ACARS or Flight Simulator stopped working (or I forget to send PIREP before closing FS) - what should I do?
You can file your PIREP manually by uploading your .pirep file found. More info about this can be found on the link.
Please note that we do not accept manual filled out PIREPs.

I just rejoined but I'd like my previous hours and pilot ID back - what should I do?
We don't assign this to already accepted members as you had an option during registration process to retrieve old pilot ID and hours.
If you however did click yes to this, and we haven't assigned anything to your account, that means we could not find any info about your account in our backups and therefore we were not able to assign your old data.

I haven't received my award yet, why not?
Awards are given every other day.

PDF documents in VNPC are grey
VNPC uses a stripped down version of Internet Explorer to view documents. Problems related to the document view is probably caused by wrong configuration of/errors in Internet Explorer. Please check out this website for more info:

My recent flight has not yet been accepted/is not shown at my profile
Pending flights will be handled as soon as someone in the staff has time to process them. Usually at least once a day.

Do you accept transfer hours from other virtual airlines?
No, we do not accept transfer hours from other virtual airlines, ref rules and regulations, section 4.13.

Last updated 26th May 2018