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  1. NAX101 - Jan Tore Elvheim

    Norwegian to sell its Argentinian subsidiary

    https://media.en.norwegian.com/pressreleases/norwegian-sells-argentinian-subsidiary-to-jetsmart-airlines-2950545 So if you want to take the 737 for a spin in Argentina, you should do this within a few months.
  2. NAX101 - Jan Tore Elvheim

    Group flight Nov 18th. (Vatsim)

    You are invited to join fellow vNAS pilots to fly at this Vatsim event hosted by Vatsim Scandinavia Event, prizes and discount info by following the link in the banner: Sign up here! See you there
  3. NAX101 - Jan Tore Elvheim

    Norwegian Air Argentina

    As more info is available, here is some info on the upcoming operation in Argentina. Operated by: Norwegian Air Argentina IATA: DN ICAO: NAA Callsign: NORUEGA Intial destinations:
  4. NAX101 - Jan Tore Elvheim

    VNAS Q1 News 2017

    Here is a gathering of news regarding Norwegian and also our VA the last few months. Report Q1-17
  5. NAX101 - Jan Tore Elvheim

    Seeking beta testers

    We are looking for candidates to help us test the new system and pilot client Requirements: Be able to fly at least 3 flights a week and be able to fly on request to test new versions when you have reported a bug to check. We want all types of sims and scenerios: FS9, FSX, Prepar3d 1.4, v2, X-plane 9 and 10 (XUIPC required) We would like people with different systems (Win XP/Vista/WIN7) and system languages Actively use the forum / stay up to date with the developing In short, we would like to test as broadly as possible, but we would really like someone that actively use X-plane as this is a sim staff/developer don't use much. Do you think you are a valid candidate? Post here Cheers,
  6. NAX101 - Jan Tore Elvheim

    VNAS Future Plans

    Just a few words on what is going on behind the scenes at VNAS these days: The team has been joined by NAX456 Even Rognlien. Even is a talented .NET programmer and in very short time has put together a basis for our new pilot client. Anders has been working on a new base system for our VA, parting ways with the phpVMS system, as this has proven itself very heavy on performance for us, because of the size we have become we need to make something for the future so we can continue to grow Most features will be adopted for the new system, somethings might be removed, and some things will be new The new Pilot Client, at this time includes: Flight Recorder Document Viewer (Company docs download-> procedures, checklist etc) Chart Viewer with multiple charts (api.vateud.net) (possibilty to set up charts for phases of flight, like approach: STAR, INIT APP, ILS/APP, GND and Park charts with a few clicks) We are working on a few more features for this, but these are not "locked" at the moment, so more to be announced on this topic later on. Our goal is to make most VA features possible within the Client, but features are subject to change at this time. Should out off the box be compatible with FS9, FSX and Prepar3d. Should work with X-plane with Xuipc, we will need testers for this down the line. Timeframe: As fast as possible, but not in 2013. Real life comes first This and more is our main projects for 2014: Making our system OUR system, ease the server load as much as possible, if possible upgrade server New inhouse Pilot Client, develeoped by us for US Looking for partnership(Vatsim targeted)->events, training and more A few shots: Please note that the design is not yet been locked and we might change it The chart page: METAR search: Document reader: Flight Recorder: All aspects of the Pilot Client are subject to change so don't stress just yet Stay tuned for more information.