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NAX106 - Anders Moen

Winter schedules 2019/2020

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Dear all,

It's once again time to change from summer to winter time. This also means we are updating our schedules from summer to winter routes.
Available aircraft for now are as follows:
Fleet: B738, B788, B789
Leased: A320, A321, B737

We would like to remind everyone once again that you can ONLY use the airframes specified in "Allowed airframes" in the schedule details. Or in VNPC, if you can select aircraft type B738, B38M and B733, you cannot use the MD8#. Or if you can only select the A321, you can only fly the A321 on that flight- simple as that ;)
(Flights with the leased aircraft types are usually B/C/D flights, meaning there are other flights on the same flight number which has the B738 if you do not wish to operate the Airbus)

As always, errors are to be posted in our designated topics here: https://www.virtualnorwegian.net/forum/index.php?/forum/33-feedback/.
But as always: Do not forget to check the flight(s) at norwegian.com before posting as some routes are only seasonal, some are done and won't be back etc.

We would like to use the opportunity to thank all members of Virtual Norwegian for making vNorwegian what it is. Thanks! :)

Virtual Norwegian

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