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NAX106 - Anders Moen

VNAS Survey - Results

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Just a few words from the staff regarding the survey we have had running.

We would like to thank all participants for participating in the survey, as we would like our pilots to help Virtual Norwegian become an even better virtual airline. You came with lots of interesting suggestions, some already implemented, like the new timetable. There are of course several new features we are currently working on, such as a chat in the ACARS. Please do note that we can not promise anything yet.

Several of you asked to open up to flying the 777 on NLH routes as there are no good 787 out there, and we understand why. However, as we are following "the real deal" closely, we will not allow it unless it's used in real life and it's added in the schedule program. Same thing applies to the A320, we won't start using them until the real airline starts using them.

Here's a little word cloud of your answers on "what do you think is the best with Virtual Norwegian?":

Once again, thanks for participating!

Kind regards,
Virtual Norwegian staff


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