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NAX106 - Anders Moen

100,000 flights!

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Virtual Norwegian has been around for many years. In October 2009, it was decided to rebuild Virtual Norwegian. We started completely from scratch with a new and fresh staff team. With time, we added more and more features, including our version of "CrewBriefing", which has been a huge success for Virtual Norwegian.

In May 2014, after months of work, we launched our brand new system created by ourselves, including our own pilot client, Virtual Norwegian Pilot Client (VNPC). After the launch of our new system, Virtual Norwegian really took off and we have never seen so much activity.

Now we are about to leave 2014 behind, and throughout 2014, we have had quite a big goal: to reach 100,000 flights (counted since October 2009), and today this goal was reached! Well done everybody.
An extra applause goes to NAX1114 Dirk Zander for making flight number 100,000 (http://www.virtualnorwegian.net/pirep/19500).

But that is not all: 2014 has been our best year ever, smashing record after record. In November we took a new record on number of flights in a day: 139 flights. We thought this would be difficult to beat, but little did we know that it would be beaten already in December - twice! The current record is now astonishing 148 flights in just one day.

We have also set some new records on a monthly basis, making close to 3000 flights in a month.

In the last few weeks, we have also been updating our website. We have been updating our live map and added some new features, like our interactive route map (http://www.virtualnorwegian.net/destinations). Our airport information page has also been updated with a route map displaying all current routes (http://www.virtualnorwegian.net/airport/EGKK).
Another thing that we know has been wanted for quite some time is the opportunity to stay logged in to the website on multiple devices. We have finally updated our login system so you can now stay logged in to multiple devices at the same time!

We have had tremendous fun through these years with you, the members, and we have learned so much. We would like to thank every single person that has been involved with Virtual Norwegian in any way and for making Virtual Norwegian what it has become today. Thanks you!

We really hope to see you around in 2015. Happy New Year!

Best regards,
Virtual Norwegian

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