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NAX106 - Anders Moen

Winter program released

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Hello everyone,


We have just published the winter program for 2015!


Norwegian's Irish subsidiary, Norwegian Air International (NAI), will officially use its new IATA and ICAO codes, D8 and IBK. This will affect most routes in/out of London, Las Palmas, Tenerife, Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Malaga and Helsinki.


What exactly will these changes mean as a pilot in VNAS?

That you will have to use the new ICAO code for the affected routes in our schedules, pilot client, and when flying online. Spoken callsign for IBK is NORTRANS.




Also, this year's winter program will include some new quite exciting routes, take a look:




Oslo - San Juan eff 01NOV15

Copenhagen - San Juan eff 06NOV15

Copenhagen - St. Croix eff 09NOV15

Copenhagen - Las Vegas eff 10NOV15

Stockholm - San Juan eff 03NOV15

Stockholm - Las Vegas eff 31OCT15

London - San Juan eff 04NOV15



New York - Martinique eff 03DEC2015

New York - Guadeloupe eff 04DEC2015

Boston - Martinique eff 06DEC2015

Boston - Guadeloupe eff 03DEC2015

Baltimore/Washington - Martinique eff 04DEC2015

Baltimore/Washington - Guadeloupe eff 05DEC2015



Domestic routes in Spain eff OCT/NOV2015




For an overview over current (and upcoming) flights, check out our timetable: http://www.virtualno....net/timetable/ (only available for members)


Note: Due to the overlay between the summer and winter program, there could be some missing flights the first few days after the update.

There will also be a few missing ATS-routes, but we will try to add them as soon as possible :)

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