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NAX106 - Anders Moen

Happy New Year!

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Hello everybody,


We in Virtual Norwegian would like to wish all virtual pilots a happy new year!


Thanks for yet another great year. In 2017, you made a total of 32365 flights (less than the last couple of years). Unfortunately we don't have any numbers on hours as of now, but I can guarantee they are higher than any previous year anyway because of the long haul operations and the QWSim 787 release :)


As you may know, we are still working our asses off trying to complete our new systems, which unfortunately due to work and family, takes quite a lot of time. We haven't posted much progress on it yet because there isn't too much to show off (most of the cool wacky updates are in the background anyways)..but we'll include a short list of what awesome features we'll include anyways - just because we think it's gonna be really awesome B)

  • Wind data. This is probably the biggest and coolest update we can ever(?) give you. Our very own developer of VNPC, Even, is an extremely talented guy and he figured out for us how we could download proper wind data and implement it to our systems. TL;DR: whenever the new system's launched, we can provide wind charts and navigation logs/operational flight plans that does take wind and temperatures into account (preview wind chart).
  • CrewBriefing. We will update and optimize our CB. Other than that, it will remain more or less the same as now, except it will possible to group flights. In other words, you can open up to 10 (tentative, tbd) flights at the same time and print them out all together instead of opening each flight on their own (Preview: image1, image2, image3).
    We haven't decided on this one just yet, but we MAY create a simple version of LiDo (the crewbriefing system Norwegian is currently using for their long haul operations)
  • Aircraft data. We have figured out a way of retrieving aircraft data for our flights. This means our system will assign the default aircraft for a flight to be the same as in real life. Unfortunately this is an external source, so it could stop working at any given time - even before we release the system. Unfortunately this data will only be available for normal ops NAX/IBK 737-800 and 737-8MAX flights (except: G-NRWY).

Should we post any updates on our progress, they will be found in this thread: 




Again, thanks for a great year, and we would like to wish you all a happy new year! We hope to see you around in 2018 as well!

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