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NAX106 - Anders Moen

Summer schedules / system update

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Important info regarding our schedules and system.


Schedules finally updated to the summer schedules. In order to minimize the number of flights in our schedules, we've merged flights with same flight number, airframe, departure time and frequency (from 10-15000 flights to ~5000).


As you have noticed, NLH is gone. Changed to NAX as they should (we didn't know that back when we prepared our system for the 787). Our "NLH requirement" still remains, but is applicable to all heavy category aircraft (B788, B789, A333 etc)

This also mean alphanumeric callsigns for these flights probably won't show. They will be looked into soon. Same with our rules and regulations regarding NLH requirements.


We have also updated the logic in "allowed airframes" and that list should be the same in our website as well as VNPC and VNPCv2 beta. So no longer any doubt which airframes we allow on a certain flight B) (our crewbriefing is NOT updated at this time)


From around April 18th (tbd) the schedules will be updated over again and you will see another airline in our system with ~160 flights as Norwegian will be operating some flights for TUI :)

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