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Pilot: Milorad Miucin
Departure: Helsinki (EFHK)
Submitted: 23rd January 2019 19:36
Network: Other/offline
Aircraft: EI-FJP (B737-800)
Arrival: Prague (LKPR)
Status: Accepted
Fuel: 4045 kgs
Distance: 752 NM
Flight time: 01:57
Landing rate: -561 ft/m
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Flight profile

Altitude Speed (GS)

Flight log

[17:31] Aircraft: B737-800X Norwegian Airlines LN-NGZ
[17:31] Boarding
[17:39] Taxiing to Runway
[17:40] Simulator paused
[17:40] Simulator un-paused
[17:40] Simulator paused
[17:40] Simulator un-paused
[17:42] Departed from EFHK with 7882 kgs of fuel.
[17:42] 5 knots crosswind, visibility more than 10 km
[17:42] Gear up at 366 ft above ground
[17:43] Climbing
[17:55] Cruise
[19:10] Descending
[19:19] On Approach
[19:30] Gear down at 2430 ft above ground
[19:34] Landed at LKPR with a vertical speed of -561 ft/min and 3985 kgs fuel on board.
[19:34] 13 knots headwind, visibility 6050 meters
[19:34] Taxiing to Gate
[19:36] Arrived
[19:36] Aircraft: B737-800X Norwegian Airlines LN-NGZ
[19:36] MaxSim Rate: 1x
[19:36] Version 1.5.1