Virtual Norwegian Pilot Client

Version: 1.0.0
Published: 2019-09-03
Updated: 2023-01-14


Welcome to Virtual Norwegian and your virtual flying career with us!


To be sure all pilots in vNorwegian are treated fair and equally, and only able to claim flight hours that they are entitled to, it is a requirement that every flight is logged using our logging client, VNPC (Virtual Norwegian Pilot Client).

As part of vNorwegian's commitment to make the experience better for you, we started to work on VNPC in December 2013. Our old website was becoming slow because of how our old system worked.

Today we have completely removed everything from our old system. With our new website, the only approved flight logger/tracker is our own tracker, VNPC.

About VNPC
The first version of VNPC was created by Even Rognlien in the first quarter of 2014. Even has done an amazing job creating VNPC. He went in with limited knowledge in programming, but learned more and more as VNPC grew bigger and better. Whilst Even worked on the pilot client, Anders Moen created brand new websites from scratch to fit VNPC perfectly.
After a lot of work over a long period of time, the first version of VNPC was published and vNorwegian could finally grow even bigger than before.





Minimum requirements

In order to run VNPC and log your flights, you are required to have the following minium installed on your computer:

  • Operating system
    •  Windows
      • XP, Vista (untested)
      • 7, 8, 10, 11
    • Linux
    • Mac
  • Flight Simulator
    • Flight Simulator X (FSX / FSX:SE)
    • Prepar3D (P3D)
    • X-Plane (XP)
    • MS Flight Simulator
  • Plugins
    • FSX/P3D: SimConnect (Included with FSX SP2/Acceleration or P3D)
    • XP: Plugin included and automatically updated through VNPC


Please run your flight simulator and VNPC as administrator at all times.


Installation process

  1. Download the latest version of VNPC from {site_url}.
  2. Run the setup/installation file, and click "Next" until complete.
  3. Run VNPC



Connecting VNPC to the simulator

When you open VNPC, it is important to go to VNPC's settings and select your simulator and where you will be running your simulator.

This page looks like this:


Logging flights

Log in to VNPC

When running VNPC for the very first time, you will be prompted to log in.

Log in using your assigned pilot ID (N/A - not logged in) and your password.


Select a flight

  1. Select a flight to fly. You can find flights either at {site_url} or in VNPC directly.  (Do not start logging yet!)
  2. Start your flight sim and prepare the flight by placing your aircraft at a gate at your departure airport, with parking brakes on, loaded with enough fuel and payload. If you're not sure how much fuel etc you need for your flight, you can always generate your flight through SimBrief at {site_url}.
    (Please note: Never add or remove fuel whilst VNPC is logging!)
  3. In VNPC, select aircraft type (3.1), then aircraft registration and network (3.2).
    1. Only aircraft types from this list are allowed on the selected flight. Flights with other aircraft types than the selected one will be rejected.
      Exceptions can be found in our rules and regulations.
    2. It is not required to fly online on any network, but a network must be chosen from the list. If you do not fly on VATSIM or IVAO, please select "Other/offline"
  4. When everything is ready, press the play button to start logging.
    Please note:
    1. VNPC will not start logging your flight until you have released the parking brakes.
    2. VNPC will only log your airborne time.

Before leaving the gate, double check you have entered the correct flight number and that you have got the correct departure and arrival airports.
Should they be incorrect, please stop logging and press the delete button and start over.


Submitting your flight

  1. Press the stop button when you have landed and parked & set parking brakes at your destination airport to stop logging.
  2. Once VNPC has stopped logging, press the upload button to submit your flight.
  3. You will now receive a confirmation from VNPC that the flight was submitted successfully.

Before exiting VNPC, always check your profile to make sure your flight was submitted.



In case you happen to close your flight simulator after arriving without submitting the flight, you can either

  • Restart your flight simulator, reconnect and submit your flight, or
  • Upload your flight manually at {site_url}
    • Your flight can be found in your documents, e.g C\Users\Your Name\Documents\Virtual Norwegian\Backup\
    • The file is named FLIGHTNUM_DATE.pirep, e.g NAX608_15092019.pirep.

Do not close your flight simulator before going for option #2 in case you do not have the .pirep file any more.


It is not possible to submit your flight manually without uploading the .pirep file.



Diverting to an alternate airport

Flights are to be operated between airports defined by the schedule info, however, from time to time you may have to divert to an alternative airport due to unforeseen circumstances (engine loss, gear failure etc). Should a pilot need to divert, the pilot in command should as far as possibly divert to an airport operated by Norwegian.

In order for the flight to be approved when diverting, the pilot must:

  • write a comment explaining why and where they diverted,
  • start a new flight using the same flight number to complete the flight to its scheduled destination.

If these steps have not been completed within 48 hours after submitting the first flight, the flight(s) will be automatically rejected.



Flight sim / VNPC crash

Every now and then your computer, flight simulator or ACARS might crash mid-flight. This is extremely annoying, but thanks to Even's genuinity, it is possible to reconnect and continue your flight. Make sure your flight simulator and VNPC is running.


To continue your flight, press "Place aircraft here". At the bottom, make sure simulator, position, altitude, aircraft and fuel is OK. Once everything is OK, press "Resume" below to continue your flight.

You can also file your PIREP manually on the Virtual Norwegian website in case the crash happens at a
late stage of the flight. This only works for a limited time. Go to submit flight and upload your .pirep flight there.

  • This file can be found in your documents, e.g C:\Users\Your_Name\Documents\Virtual Norwegian\Backup\
  • This file is named FLIGHTNUM_DATE.pirep, e.g NAX616_230919.pirep (ddmmyy)



Charts / Documents

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News / NOTAMs

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  • Even Rognlien (VNPC)
  • Anders Moen (Website)
Beta testers
  • NAX456 Even Rognlien
  • NAX106 Anders Moen




Version Date Revision
0.9.9 15/09/2019

First draft of new version

1.0.0 01/01/2020

First official release