vNorwegian LiDo CB manual

Version: 1.0.0
Published: 2019-09-03
Updated: 2020-01-01

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See "All Flights" below, except "My Flights" shows your bookings (if any) only.

Search not available.


All Flights

Search is available by clicking the search icon on the right hand side above the list of flights.

Select airline, flight number, aircraft type, departure/destination airport (ICAO or IATA).



Below is a table of upcoming flights based on your search, if applicable. Table consists of;

  • AL: Airline (IATA)
  • FLT: Code and flight number / Date
  • DEP: ICAO code of departure airport
  • ARR: ICAO code of destination airport
  • CTOT: Calculated Take Off Time, not applicable to vNorwegian at this time
  • Reg.: Default aircraft registration based on AL and aircraft type
  • ETD: Departure date and time (UTC time)
  • Captain: Name of captain, only applicable to flights you have booked
  • Fuel Order: Block fuel, only applicable to flights you have booked and generated
  • Status: FINAL (-2 hours of ETD), or CONFIRMED (only applicable to flights you have booked)
  • Printed on: Not applicable at this time
  • Actions: Links to either Book and Generate Briefing (unbooked flight), Generate Briefing (booked flight), or View Briefing Package (generated flight)

Table is sortable by clicking on the column titles.



Flight Briefing

View Briefing Package



A summary of the briefing package, including

Flight route (do not use this route in flight plans when flying online),

Vertical profile (depends on SimBrief detailed maps)

Dispatcher details,

Crew information,

Data management information,

Fuel order


Flight Plan

OFP: Operational Flight Plan from SimBrief. See for more help.

ATC Flight Plan: An ATC flight plan is a document which provides specified information to air traffic service units relative to an intended flight or portion of a flight of an aircraft. (ICAO Annex 2: Rules of the Air)

Dispatch Info: Information regarding your flight from your dispatcher



Weather reports for your flight, including METARs, TAFs, SIGMETs, Tropical Cyclone SIGMETs and Volcanic Ash SIGMETs.



NOTAMs: NOTAMs for your departure, destination and alternate airports, as well as en-route NOTAMs.

Crew Information: Important messages for the crew



(All charts are depended on detailed maps from SimBrief to work)


UAD: En-route wind charts for up to three different flight levels

SIGWX with Route: SIGWX charts for the entire flight

VAA/TCA: Not applicable to vNorwegian at this time

Vertical Profile: Vertical profile chart


RAIM Information

Receiver autonomous integrity monitoring for the planned approaches.


Additional Documents

ABD-WABC: Weight and Balanca Calculations

ABD-JNLG: Journey Log

ABD-WABC: Workorders on selected aircraft



Printed Briefing Packages

Not applicable at this time.





Retrieve weather (METAR and TAF) for airports in NOAA's database.

Simply type the airport(s) you would like weather for, separated by comma, e.g ENGM,ENBR,ENVA.

You can use both ICAO and IATA codes.


Please do not abuse the form by requesting weather reports too often.