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[VATSIM] Discover the Midnight Sun

Discover the Midnight Sun

VATSIM Scandinavia is happy to present Discover the Midnight Sun

Fly above the arctic circle and experience the brightest weekend of the year in Northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland, just some days after the summer solstice. In addition, you will experience various, but beautiful sceneries and approaches to give you.

So bring with your aircraft and fly in the sun, in this bright evening!

ENTC (Payware | P3D&FSX)
ENTC, ENBO & ENKR (Freeware | P3D&FSX)
ESNQ (Freeware | FSX)
EFIV (Freeware | FSX)

Norway | Sweden | Finland

When: Event is finished (24th June 2018 from 16:00z to 20:00z)
Where: Tromso Langnes (ENTC), Bodo Bodo (ENBO), Kirkenes Hoybuktmoen (ENKR), Kiruna Kiruna (ESNQ), Ivalo Ivalo (EFIV)
Network: VATSIM
Sign up:
  • NAX4676 Jonas Hey
  • NAX12398 Emil Mattiasson
  • NAX10905 Hannes Altmann
  • NAX10720 Chris Kerkyras
  • NAX6300 Patrick Rudka

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