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[IVAO] [DE] Nikolaus Fly-In EDDH

[DE] Nikolaus Fly-In EDDH

Let us be happy and cheerful...

... there will be Nicholas evening soon! Whether the composer could imagine in the 19th century that a fly-in of a virtual aviation organization fits the event that describes his traditional German song? ...
We are proud to invite you to our traditional Nikolaus Fly-In at Hamburg (EDDH) on the 07.12.2018. Between 15z and 21z you have the opportunity to fly cookies, gingerbread and biscuits all around the world - from or to hamburg.

We recommend the following sceneries:

Aerosoft - German Airports 3 - Hamburg für FSX/P3Dv3
Aerosoft - German Airports - Hamburg professional für P3Dv4

Because Saint Nicholas has already enough to carry through the world, you are responsible to carry the current charts with you! As usually the charts are available in the Divisioncenter of the German division.

One thing, the Saint Nicholas can not bring you: You have the chance to get one point for the Pilot Event Award

We look forward to your visit!


When: Event is finished (07th December 2018 from 15:00z to 21:00z)
Where: Hamburg Hamburg (EDDH)
Network: IVAO
Sign up:
  • NAX11391 Miguel Sigmund

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