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Flight DY7701

Submitted by NAX7368 Benedikt Funke, on 10th February 2020


Departure Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM/AMS) Destination John F Kennedy International Airport (KJFK/JFK)
Aircraft B787-9 (LN-LNR) Flight time Data not available
Distance Data not available Fuel Data not available
Network Other/offline Landing rate Data not available
Submitted 10th February 2020, 22:22 UTC Comments View comments (4)

Flight log

No flight log is available.


Server, 10th Feb 2020
This flight was automatically rejected for the following reason(s):
- Less than half the flight was completed

If you believe an error has been made, please write a comment here and explain why it should not be rejected.

NAX7368 Benedikt Funke, 10th Feb 2020

vnpc gained over 6 GB of RAM throughout the flight, so that I needed to kill it because it made my Computer completely unusable. Unfortunately it was unable to resume the flight in VNPC. 


I've also added the IVAO data as Screenshot and you can download the .kml data of the flight here


IVAO Data of the flight

NOZ106 Anders Moen, 11th Feb 2020

Hi Benedikte, 


Thank you, I'll update it once I'm on my computer :)

The IVAO data you sent a screenshot of there - is that accessible for others too? Depending on how they've done it, that could maybe be used for manual flights like we've done with, VATSIM. Do you have the link for that page?




NAX7368 Benedikt Funke, 16th Feb 2020

I'm not sure if it is accessible by others, but that's the link: