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Flight DY1831

Submitted by NAX16057 Kristian, on 01st September 2023


Departure Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport (LPPR/OPO) Destination Oslo Gardermoen Airport (ENGM/OSL)
Aircraft B737-800 (LN-ENM) Flight time 02:43
Distance 1293 nmi / 2395 km Fuel 7209 kgs / 15893 lbs
Network Other/offline Landing rate Data not available
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Flight log

19:12 Recording started
     Flight DY1831 from LPPR to ENGM
     Aircraft: PMDG 737-800 Norwegian Air Shuttle AOC LN-ENN (LN-ENN)
19:19 Pushing back
19:19 Taxiing to runway
19:20 Started engine 2
19:21 Started engine 1
19:27 Departed from LPPR
     9822 kgs fuel on board
19:28 Gear up
     332 ft above ground
19:29 Climbing
19:51 Cruise started


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