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Flight DY757

Submitted by NAX398 David Kloss, on 06th March 2024


Departure Trondheim Airport Vaernes (ENVA/TRD) Destination Oslo Gardermoen Airport (ENGM/OSL)
Aircraft B737-800 (SE-RPD) Flight time 00:02
Distance 9 nmi / 17 km Fuel 496 kgs / 1093 lbs
Network Other/offline Landing rate Data not available
Submitted 06th March 2024, 15:57 UTC Comments View comments (1)

Flight log

15:36 Recording started
     Flight DY757 from ENVA to ENGM
     Aircraft: Boeing 737-8JPNGX Norwegian Air Sweden (SE-RPD) Winglets (SE-RPD)
15:42 Pushing back
15:42 Started engine 2
15:43 Started engine 1
15:45 Taxiing to runway
15:48 Departed from ENVA
     5263 kgs fuel on board
15:48 Gear up
     363 ft above ground


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