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[VATSIM, 05/08/2021 16:30] [LLBG_D_TWR] | S2 Exam] | S2 Exam
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Posted 01 Aug 2021[LLBG_D_TWR] | S2 Exam] | S2 Exam - Virtual Norwegian Events

On Thursday the 5th of August between 1630-1830z, there will be an S2 CPT on Ben Gurion Tower (LLBG_D_TWR). Come fly and help Yarin earn his S2 rating! All traffic is welcome! We hope to see you!
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When: 05/08/2021 16:30 - 05/08/2021 18:30
Network: VATSIM
  • Ben Gurion International Airport (LLBG/TLV)
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