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Winter schedules 2021/22
By NOZ106 Anders Moen
October 30, 2021 in News
NOZ106 Anders Moen, 30 Oct 2021
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Hello everybody!

Winter schedules for winter 2021/22 are now active.
As I don't have time to write too much right now, I I'll keep it short and simple.

The biggest changes for Norwegian, and therefore vNorwegian too, is that due to restructuring all the old AOCs are removed. Therefore, the ICAO codes NAX and IBK are no longer being used. The IATA codes remain as before (DY/NOZ and D8/NSZ)

NAX is replaced by NOZ, with a new callsign of NORSEMAN.
IBK is replaced by NSZ, with a new callsign of NORLIGHT.

According to the info we received earlier, this was effective from 1st November, but it looks like it's effective from 31st October instead. Therefore, we've already updated our system, and the new changes are already in place here, so you might see some differences from real world in the beginning:)
We have not changed the historical part in any way.
There will probably remain some old info here and there, so if you spot any errors, don't hesitate to DM me;)

Thanks for staying along with us during these times. With the release of MSFS, we've definitely seen a decrease in activity on here, but with the PMDG 737 just around the corner (hopefully), we hope to see a jump in activity again real soon;)

Best regards,

vNorwegian Staff