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[VATSIM, 22/11/2020 17:00] Discover ENVA
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Posted 30 Oct 2020[VATSIM, 22/11/2020 17:00] Discover ENVA - Virtual Norwegian Events

It's time to discover Trondheim Værnes!
Make sure to fly from, to or at ENVA on Sunday the 22nd November between 17 and 21z! Together with Aerosoft, we're giving away a free copy of the newly released Aerosoft Værnes for MSFS to a pilot that discovers ENVA! And as usual, controllers will be ready to give a top-notch ATC-service!
ENVA is a connecting hub for many travellers around the area. Namsos, Sandnessjøen, Mo i Rana and Rørvik, to mention some small places Trondheim is being connected to other cities such as Oslo, Bergen, Bodø, Tromsø, Gdansk, Copenhagen and many more. Helitrans, one of the biggest heli-companies in Norway, is also based at ENVA in addition to the ordinary GA-traffic. Trondheim also hosts the busiest route in Norway, which is between ENVA and ENGM. So there are in other words loads of opportunities!

Avinor AIP
Scroll down in the left menu to AD 2 AERODROMESfind the Airport you want, expand and find the charts on the link at the bottom.

Payware: FSX & P3D | MSFS
Freeware: FSX & P3D | X-Plane | MSFS

When: 22/11/2020 17:00 - 22/11/2020 21:00
Network: VATSIM
  • Trondheim Airport Vaernes (ENVA/TRD)