vNorwegian ForumVirtual NorwegianEvents[VATSIM, 29/11/2020 17:00] EKCH Overload
[VATSIM, 29/11/2020 17:00] EKCH Overload
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Posted 30 Oct 2020[VATSIM, 29/11/2020 17:00] EKCH Overload - Virtual Norwegian Events

The Danish controllers is inviting you to Denmark and Copenhagen on 29 November from 17-21z, for an exciting and busy evening of flying. Take your favorite aircraft out of the hangar and join in for a fully staffed Kastrup (EKCH) and excellent enroute coverage. Whether you choose to fly longhaul with SAS or a short VFR flight from Kastrup to Roskilde, the controllers will make sure you will get professional ATC service. 

If you choose to participate, we want that you take your charts with you and we encourage you to visit our briefing page to get more information on how to fly in and out of EKCH.

We hope to see you on Sunday 29 November!
Briefing and Charts

When: 29/11/2020 17:00 - 29/11/2020 21:00
Network: VATSIM
  • Copenhagen Kastrup Airport (EKCH/CPH)