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[VATSIM, 19/12/2020 19:00] C3 CPT | ENOR_S_CTR
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Posted 07 Dec 2020[VATSIM, 19/12/2020 19:00] C3 CPT | ENOR_S_CTR - Virtual Norwegian Events

On Saturday 19 December between 19-21z, Martin Jacobsen is up for his C3 CPT and we need your help to make his examination on ENOR_S_CTR successful.

Take your favorite aircraft and fly in and out of Norwegian airspace and enjoy a fun evening of flying together with excellent supporting ATC staffing.

Remember your charts and we hope to see you flying on Saturday 19 December.

Charts and Briefing

When: 19/12/2020 19:00 - 19/12/2020 21:00
Network: VATSIM
  • Oslo Gardermoen Airport (ENGM/OSL)
  • Trondheim Airport Vaernes (ENVA/TRD)
  • Torp Sandefjord Airport (ENTO/TRF)
  • Kristiansand Airport (ENCN/KRS)
  • Stavanger Airport Sola (ENZV/SVG)
  • Haugesund Airport (ENHD/HAU)
  • Bergen Airport Flesland (ENBR/BGO)
  • Alesund Airport (ENAL/AES)
  • Molde Airport (ENML/MOL)