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Winter schedules 2022/23
NAX106 Anders Moen
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Posted 30 Oct 2022



Dear all,


Winter schedules for 2022/23 are now active in our system.


We have gone back from schedules on a weekly basis again as the last couple of weeks showed that there was too many flights missing from time to time. Instead, we've let the active dates remain in their notes, so you can easily see the dates said flight is active yourself if you want to follow the real deal;)


Again I have to thank everybody for all their flights and activity in vNorwegian - it's lovely to see.


We are actively working on an updated version of our website which I hope will work better for most people. There is no ETA on it, but hopefully sooner than later. Feel free to DM me if you would like to start testing it as it is:)




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