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Happy new year!
By NOZ106 Anders Moen
January 01, 2023 in News
NOZ106 Anders Moen, 01 Jan 2023
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Hello and happy new year everybody!


We would like to use this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year,

and thank you all for your contributions in Virtual Norwegian the past year.


After a couple of years with decreasing activity, due to Covid and less flights available,

things are finally back on the rise again and we're very happy about that;)

We also passed 300,000 flights in December, counted since October 2009.


We started 2023 with a rather large website upgrade, which clears out a lot of bugs

from the previous website, and introduced lots of new features. One of the requests

we've had a lot since the introduction of SimBrief dispatching, is the possibility to use

your own aircraft from your SB fleet - this is now finally implemented. Hope you like it, and use it!:)

Thank you all for making Virtual Norwegian what it is, and we really hope to see  you

onboard with us in the future as well.
We hope you all recommend us to your simmer friends so we can become even bigger and more active!

Thank you!



Best regards,

Virtual Norwegian Staff

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NOZ106 Anders Moen, 22 Jan 2023
vNorwegian Staff
Senior Captain
361 posts
1000 flights
1274:51 hours

Some flights stats for 2022:


Flights total (accepted):




MS Flight Simulator: 3196

X-Plane: 2898

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D:

   V5: 1035

   V4: 1782

   V3: 32

MS Flight Simulator X: 1281



VATSIM: 4882

IVAO: 341

Other/offline: 5002