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[VATSIM, 25/01/2023 20:00] Milano Nights
By NOZ100 Server
January 16, 2023 in Events
NOZ100 Server, 16 Jan 2023
Milano Nights - Virtual Norwegian Events

Dear pilots,
VATITA is welcoming you all to fly in the Milan FIR, where we'll offer just the best of services, from the top to the bottom, covering the airports of Malpensa (LIMC), Bergamo (LIME) and Linate (LIML).

Pick your favorite plane, and fly in-n-out (pun intended) of our beautiful country, maybe connecting with our neighbors in France. Perhaps you'd like a longer flight, well, the UK and Ireland have you covered! Otherwise, Greece is always a great choice of destination!

There's something for everyone, so drop on down to 3000 and cleared ILS Z 35R.

LIMC pilot briefing
Charts (Vatsim login required)

We'll see you there!
-The Vatita staff.

When: 25/01/2023 20:00 - 25/01/2023 22:00
Network: VATSIM
  • Malpensa International Airport (LIMC/MXP)
  • Milano Linate Airport (LIML/LIN)
  • Il Caravaggio International Airport (LIME/BGY)
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