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[VATSIM, 26/05/2023 17:00] [LROP_TWR] | S2 Exam
By NOZ100 Server
May 23, 2023 in Events
NOZ100 Server, 23 May 2023
[LROP_TWR] | S2 Exam - Virtual Norwegian Events

Join us next Friday, May 26th, as VFR or IFR, bring your favorite aircraft, and be prepared to test our students on the position of Otopeni Tower. You can perform touch and goes or fly in our beautiful airspace during Bucharest Online! See you there, and let's wish Horea good luck!

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When: 26/05/2023 17:00 - 26/05/2023 19:00
Network: VATSIM
  • Henri Coand? International Airport (LROP/OTP)
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