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[VATSIM, 21/11/2023 18:30] BERlin Tuesday
By NOZ100 Server
November 18, 2023 in Events
NOZ100 Server, 18 Nov 2023
BERlin Tuesday - Virtual Norwegian Events

We invite you every Tuesday to our weekly Online-Day. From 18:30-21:30z you can enjoy our professional ATC services at the capital city airport Berlin Brandenburg. Expect perfectly managed transitions, crowded aprons and lots of movement on the parallel runways. No matter whether you want to fly IFR or VFR, there will be always some room for your favourite aircraft in our modern designed airspace. Don't hesitate, start your sim and give us a visit, we can't wait to see you! In case you forgot to carry the EFB with you or you aren't really familiar with our procedures, we got you covered:

You can find charts at: Check out our briefing at:

When: 21/11/2023 18:30 - 21/11/2023 21:30
Network: VATSIM
  • Berlin Brandenburg Airport (U.C.) (EDDB/BER)
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