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[VATSIM, 11/01/2020 17:00] Keflavik Fly-In
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Posted 07 Jan 2020

VATSIM-Scandinavia is inviting you on Saturday 11 January into Keflavik.
Take your favourite aircraft and join in for a fun evening of flying and experience the wild and fierce Atlantic weather. Whether it´s a domestic flight, VFR circuits or a scheduled international flight into Keflavik we guarantee that you will have an exciting Saturday evening.

Since Icelandic airspace is oceanic airspace you will have to get oceanic clearences for most of your flights. Therefore we highly recommend you to visit the briefing page for more details onto how to conduct a successful flight.

When: 11/01/2020 17:00 - 11/01/2020 21:00
Network: VATSIM
  • Keflavik International Airport (BIKF/KEF)