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[VATSIM, 12/02/2024 17:00] [LECB_CTR] | C1 Exam
By NOZ100 Server
February 11, 2024 in Events
NOZ100 Server, 11 Feb 2024
[LECB_CTR] | C1 Exam - Virtual Norwegian Events

Come and fly to Barcelona FIR and help Josep Maria earn his C1 rating! Arrivals and departures are welcome, no matter whether you fly VFR or IFR. The exam will take place on February 12th , from 1700z until 1900z. Josep Maria will be glad to see you! Wish him "Buena Suerte"

When: 12/02/2024 17:00 - 12/02/2024 19:00
Network: VATSIM
  • Barcelona International Airport (LEBL/BCN)
  • Palma De Mallorca Airport (LEPA/PMI)
  • Menorca Airport (LEMH/MAH)
  • Reus Air Base (LERS/REU)
  • Ibiza Airport (LEIB/IBZ)
  • Girona Airport (LEGE/GRO)
  • Sabadell Airport (LELL/QSA)
  • Pirineus - la Seu d\'Urgel Airport (LESU/LEU)
  • Lleida-Alguaire Airport (LEDA/ILD)
  • Valencia Airport (LEVC/VLC)
  • Alicante International Airport (LEAL/ALC)
  • San Javier Airport (LELC/MJV)
  • RegiĆ³n de Murcia International Airport (LEMI/RMU)
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