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Summer schedules 2020
By NOZ106 Anders Moen
March 29, 2020 in News
NOZ106 Anders Moen, 29 Mar 2020
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Dear all,

Once again it's time to change from winter to summer time. As always, that also means we have updated our schedules. Current effective dates are 06APR20-24OCT20, although all flights in the seasonal program is available in our system at once.
We're in a very special situation due to Covid-19, where Norwegian has placed a lot of aircraft on ground, meaning that there will be quite a few discrepancies between real world and our system. However, there shouldn't be any missing flights in our system:)


Available aircraft in vNorwegian at the time of publishing this, is as follows*:


  • B737-800 flights
    • B737-800
    • B737 MAX 8
    • B737-300 (DY/NAX and D8/IBK flights, where distance is less than 1815 nmi)
    • MD-80 (DY/NAX and D8/IBK flights, where distance is less than 1560 nmi)
  • B787-8
    • B787-8
    • B787-9
  • B787-9
    • B787-9
    • B787-8 (where distance is less than 7355 nmi)

Wet leases

  • A320
    • A320
  • A321
    • A321
  • B737-700
    • B737-700


* Please see our rules and regulations for exceptions



Should you spot any errors in our schedules, please report in our designated schedule errors topic found in our forum. Do not forget to read the first post before posting!
A lot of routes are only seasonal, meaning that they will not be available when changing from winter to summer or vica versa.

Statistics update
In just a couple of days, we've had our new system up and running for three months. It's been three great months indeed!
Since we launched the new system, you have completed 6267 flights / 15042 flying hours, which is pretty impressive. We're a tad below our last year's numbers, but still very impressive.

Currently there are 1364 users in vNorwegian, where only 556 are active, which is a number we'd like to increase. If you have any suggestions or ideas to increase this number, please give us a shout in our forums or by email.
We would very much like to organize some group flights, whether it's VATSIM, IVAO or multiplayer server, but we definitely need your help;)

We absolutely hate asking for money, but unfortunately providing vNorwegian for you isn't free for us. We rely on donations, no matter how small or big, in order to keep vNorwegian alive for you to enjoy.
If you want to help us out, our donations page is always available for those able to help us.


Did you know you can add events to our calendar?

We do our best adding events to our event calendar ourselves, but we need your help too.
Please help us out by adding relevant events in our event calendar.

As always, vNorwegian would NOT be what it is without you - the members. Thanks to EVERY SINGLE ONE out there who has contributed in any way to us:)




Best regards,

vNorwegian Staff