What kind of cookies exists at

Cookies at are used to collect information anonymously.

The cookies that exists at are used, if not otherwise stated, to collect user statistics and requested language settings.

Cookies that are created at

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analytic tool to analyze user behaviour. This is a free service provided by Google that makes it possible to see the number of visitors, page views, traffic sources, length of visit, geographical location and alot more. To save the infomation about the visitors, Google Analytics uses a Javascript, that in turn saves five different cookies. These cookies are used to save the behaviour patterns at a website and each individual page movement. The cookies are as follows:

  • __utma: saved for two years
  • __utmb: saved for 30 minutes
  • __utmc: saved until the browser is closed
  • __utmz: saved for six months
  • __utmv: saved for two years
  • _ga: saved for two years


When logging in at, a cookie will be saved. The cookie is used to make sure that you have access to what you are supposed to while you are logged in. This cookie is assigned to you individually, and it is possible that your activity on the site will be traced. If this is the case, you will be informed about it when registering. The cookies are as follows:

  • vnorwegianV1

Privacy/cookie policy

At the very first time of entering, a box with short information about our website will appear. A cookie will automatically be created when this box appears. This cookie is assigned to you automatically, and is only used in order to automatically hide this box on your next visit. It will last for a year at the time. The cookies are as follows:

  • vnorwegianAuth

Who can look at my information?

Cookies in themselves has no value, because they only store a random identification number. It is only when you tie this identification number to a database that this information can be used. The owners of confirm that this information is handled with the upmost care, and will never be shared with any third party. Identification of users will only be done when it is necessary, for example when purchasing goods or in other situations when the user needs to be logged in.

General information about cookies

Cookies are small files that are saved by your browser. If you open another browser on your computer, the same cookies will not be transferred to the new browser. A cookie usually has four parameters:

  • Name of the cookie
  • Unique ID of the cookie
  • How long the cookie will be saved
  • The domain the cookie is valid for

Because of the last point, it is hard to misuse a cookie. A cookie in it self has little to no value until it is tied to a database. If someone tries to move the cookie to another domain, no information will be given, since the database will be unavailable.

You can turn off cookies

You can turn off cookies in your browser, but be aware that alot of websites will stop working. You will not be able to shop at eCommerce websites, or log into social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on.