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Summer schedules 2024
By NOZ106 Anders Moen
March 31, 2024 in News
NOZ106 Anders Moen, 31 Mar 2024
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Dear all,



We are happy to announce that summer schedules 2024 are now active in Virtual Norwegian!

As always, find your next flight at, or view our route map!


For the time being, there are A320s leased from Avion Express available on a few routes.

These can be flown on all routes where aircraft type is A320 in our system at any time. If they are however, in real life, flown on routes that are not set to A320 in our system and you would like to fly them with the A320, you can do so by selecting any aircraft available in VNPC and then follow our fleet rules part 6.3 exceptions.


With the schedule update for summer 2024, we have also added a complete set of schedules for Widerøe operations. Remember to change "operators" to WF/WIF in the schedules search to find these flights!